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Audience Attunement

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Is there a KIND & CONSCIOUS way of bringing you and your audience closer together?

We have more scientific knowledge and data-driven systems to build businesses than ever. Yet something feels wrong. Authenticity became a luxury achievable only by following 10-step frameworks. The audiences are a mechanized notion dissected into rigid and impersonal personas, customer journey maps, and canvases. 

But your brand is an ecosystem—an ecosystem where inhabitants have only just moved in and are slowly taking in their surroundings. 

You're human. Not a machine. You know you cannot force connection or manipulate the relationship formation. It goes against your nature. 

Are you longing to step onto a gentle path to widen your reach, to have your story heard without the toxicity and pressure of traditional brand building?

Welcome to Audience Attunement.
A 2-hour masterclass for conscious entrepreneurs.
A potent space held for your emergence.

Masterclass Breakdown
Ecosystems of brands and what role the audience plays in it
Holistic audience psychology (understanding your clients and their seasons, cycles, design, environment)
Client attraction compass: find the right people at the right places
Deconditioning the conventional marketing tactics and tools (personas, customer experience, buying psychology) and transforming it into powerful, conscious, and ethical practices
— Common customer acquisition mistakes
— Common causes of audience disharmony

Soul-led business owners don't force or hack growth. Instead, they learn to tune into their powers & build gentle systems that support effortless and natural audience attraction through authenticity. 

Is this your first Feral Branding™ experience?

Feral Branding™ is a business framework and a philosophy that focuses on rewilding traditional marketing. The Feral practices bring softness and mysticism back into brand building. They help you remember who you were before the pressure of rigid business systems made you feel like you'd have to sell your soul to see the success you desire. And with the knowledge comes the expansion—the opportunity to grow your brand in an intuitive, profound, and magical way.

What's included?

— Two hours of an immersive branding experience unlike anything you've seen or felt before
— A unique blend of a meditative experience, theory, tools, and hot seat immersion
— A safe space for making sovereign decisions: observe anonymously or join the hot seat liminal branding experience
— A Q&A session
Attendance is free. If you wish to receive the recording and a PDF workbook, the complementary fee is 15 EUR + VAT.
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Workshop feedback

Join us for a soul-stirring activation of your audience connection potential.

We will answer the ultimate question:
"who is my audience,
where do i find it,
and how do I ENCOMPASS it?"
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Meet the facilitator
Masha Mazi is a corpo-escapee who left giants like Porsche and United Nations to serve boutique values-led brands. She has served and co-created more than 70 projects and continues to help build purpose-led brands in the space of well-being, spirituality, and sustainability. As a 6/2 emotional manifestor, she is here to initiate your transformation. Most of her free time exploring the outdoors, reading about deep ecology, and cultivating a space for slow living and rewilding.
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The kind words
Masha Mazi started the personal project Story Alchemist to explore the intersection of spiritual ecology, soul searching, branding and business strategy, and rewilding. 
Ⓒ Story Alchemist, a project of Maša Mazi s. p.