12-week group deep dive

Feral Branding
Group Program, cohort #2

Branding and marketing rewilded.
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There is a kind & conscious way to grow your business.

The end-goal of a soulpreneur is not a yacht or the number in the bank. It is reaching thrivability on all levels – personal and collective, and doing so in a gentle, regenerative, true-to-essence manner.

If you've been feeling stuck, unsure, or lost in the world of conventional brand building, this is an opportunity for you. This is a space where you'll be able to grow your brand garden without constraints, where you will be held and supported on the trajectory towards soulful success.

Marketing he ethical way. Brand building the conscious, self-sourced way. Collective co-weaving of the new paradigm business that prioritizes the individual, societal, planetary, and liminal well-being of collective consciousness.

To be feral in your work is to reclaim your inate wildness, gentle power, awareness, and ease of moving through world.

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The kind words
Masha Mazi started the personal project Story Alchemist to explore the intersection of spiritual ecology, soul searching, branding and business strategy, and rewilding. 
Ⓒ Story Alchemist, a project of Maša Mazi s. p.