More Than Gifts

90-minute collaborative workshop AND HANGOUT
There are at least 14 different holidays (or holy days) between the 20th of November and the 24th of January. No matter what you or your loved ones celebrate, this is the sacred season of sharing, gathering, depth, and heart-to-heart connection. Sadly, capitalism turned this season into a materialistic frenzy. 

Do you wish to plan out your gift-giving season with integrity, sustainability, and true meaningfulness in mind?

During More Than Gifts, a 90-minute gathering of the wild-hearted and the gentle souls, we explore ways to reclaim the sacredness of this season and swap the gift shopping list with an intentional alternative. Come hang out with fellow earthlings who also seek deep connections and move through life with thoughtfulness. Together we will explore the ways to make your shopping list more conscious, sustainable, personalized, and soul-sourced.
Session Topics
— History and symbolism of gifts
— Introduction to the principle of "sacred economy" and the history of gift-giving
— Values-led gift picking
— Applied 5 love languages and psychology of gifts
— Sustainability and gifts beyond materialism 
What you'll end up with
— Integrity- and values-led gifting plan for the season
— Practical understanding of reciprocity and living in alignment with sacred economics 
— A deep understanding of your loved ones, their needs, and how you can show them affection or gratitude
— Virtual Zoom workshop and an interactive environment for the exploration of values, love languages, and gift ideas (be as passive or as active as you wish to be). Recording available.

The greatest gift is not wrapped up in shiny paper but in love, integrity, and intention.

Meet the facilitator
Masha Mazi is a corpo-escapee who left giants like Porsche and United Nations to serve boutique values-led brands and heal her body, mind, and soul. She has served and co-created more than 70 projects and continues to help build purpose-led brands in the space of well-being, spirituality, and sustainability. As a 6/2 emotional manifestor, she is here to initiate your transformation. Most of her free time exploring the outdoors, reading about deep ecology, and cultivating a space for slow living and rewilding.

Join us for a warm gathering of earthlings and gentle souls who, just like yourself, wish to move through life more intentionally and consciously.

The workshop pass includes a live workshop (December 8th at 7 PM CET, 13 PM ET, 10 AM PST), replay, and an interactive environment for exercises and gift-planning.

Price: 11 EUR + VAT

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Minimum attendance necessary for the workshop to take place: 10 (ten).

If less people sign up, you'll receive a full refund within 15 days. 

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Masha Mazi started the personal project Story Alchemist to explore the intersection of spiritual ecology, soul searching, branding and business strategy, and rewilding. 
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