6-week virtual immersion

Mythical Self

find your place in this world through imagination, stories, and depth 

(re)discover yourself, reclaim your depths & be empowered by your story.

Remember that childhood feeling of cheer curiosity, awe, and endless imagination? You had the power to make the mundane filled with color and stories, to build worlds within worlds. 

That part of yourself doesn't have to lie dormant.

Quite the opposite, research shows that fantasy journeying, constructive daydreaming, and finding sense in the imaginal can immensely benefit you.1, 2, 3, 4

In a world that promotes dissociation from our roots and soul, it is easy to forget about the dimensions of our spirit and ways we are woven into the tapestry of life. The culture of individualization robs us of childhood imagination, creative potential, and the sense of interconnectedness.

It is time to reclaim it.

In the Mythical Self immersion we will meet once per week to uncover and integrate our personal myths, understand the deeper meaning of our personal journeys, find our place in the web of life, evolve from seeking purpose to embodying our calling for contribution, and recalibrate our stories with the inner knowings.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is the language of the soul. Pay attention to your imagination and you will discover all you need to be fulfilled. — A. Einstein

Program breakdown
6 weeks of re-engaging your inner child through the powers of imagination, dreams, and stories. 40 days of daily activities and prompts to cultivate imagination and enrich your daily life. Support chat group and optional purpose analysis.
6 Live Virtual Sessions
We will meet for 2 hours every Thursday beginning March 9th. Recordings will be available within 12 hours.
session 01
Introduction to personal mythmaking and mythos. Exploration of the mainstream "main character" narrative. Designing your wheel of life. 
session 02
Mythos body mapping. Embodying main character. Liminal exploration of your story. Eco heroine's journey exploration.
session 03
Seeing wisdom and guidance in mythical themes, archetypes, legends, stories, symbols, and tales that resonate with you.
session 04
Cultivating sense of interconnectedness. Worldbuilding. Visionboarding,
session 05
Embodiment of your mythical-self. Cultivating magic in day-to-day life. Maintanance of liminal potency.
session 06
Calibrating to your inner purpose compass. Imaginal activities and practices. Relational mythos. Co-weaving and integrating.
40 Days of Mythos-Rich Activivies
Mundane day-to-day activities are the killer of imagination, creativity, sense of belonging, and sense of purpose. You will receive one prompt per day to reignite that spark, to help you reconnect to your heart, to find the magic when it seems like there is none. Mythical living starts with a habit.
Chart analysis
Optional upgrade: you can choose the program expansion with a holistic mythos-filled 1:1 human design, gene keys, and astrology reading focused on your purpose. 
Telegram Group
Mythos comes alive when shared. Dreams and destinies intertwine, and the group of the Mythical self will come together for a reason. You will have a space to share, open up, and be held accountable. 
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Who is it for?

Dreamers, introverts, gentle souls, deep feelers, indigos, earhlings, kindred spirits, disguised faeries and angels, seekers, explorers, poets, creatives, readers, wild-hearted, mystics.

How is this different?

How many times do you read a self-help book or bookmark an Instagram post, or save a quote that you feel is life-changing... But all that information is fleeting. It doesn't stick.

Mythos-work focuses on building a lasting relationship with your imaginal realm. All of the work you do there feels more profound that the contemporary logos-driven personal development endeavors. Since the main goal of the program is to help you build a habit of sourcing your power and wisdom from the imaginal realm, you can also expect this modality to be more sustainable, unlike most logos-derived approaches.

Mythos-work is the missing puzzle. It enriches your quest for soul-searching and purpose embodiment less rigid and instead, fills it with fun, ease, and enjoyment. 


Check out the program Pinterest moodboard to see what kind of an atmosphere we'll be conjuring.

A little preview

If you are reading this, you must have done a decent amount of self-help journeyeing, perhaps even therapy or alternative healing, worked on yourself and read a ton of books and you're now wondering: how is this different, I don't really get it?

Mythoswork is an emerging concept for myself as well. It is a combination of modalities such as visualization, meditation, living systems thinking, guided daydreaming, arts&crafts, creative writing, visionboarding, archetypal explorations, storytelling, pathworking, personal mythmaking, ecopsychology, ecosomatics, human design, et cetera.

People who have experienced it describe it as refreshing, profound, and unlike standard personal-develoment methods: fun and playful. Working on yourself is a form of labor, and I wish to show you that the opposite approach is possible. The one where imagination has the main role, and somatic work takes care that you embody the imagined an maintain it.  

To make this a little bit more tangible, below is a quick intro into the program: why you struggle with purpose and how mythos might help. Enjoy!

How much?

low-tier pricing (students, unemployed, marginalized, global south)
4x 50 €
2x 100 €
200 €
Standard price (consistent income, global north)
4x 70 €
2x 140 €
280 €
pay-forward price (cover for somebody else too)
4x 90 €
2x 180 €
360 €
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Purpose Roadmap Upgrade

(only 3 spots available)
Everything that is included in the standard immersion, plus a 60-minute long video walkthrough of the intersection of your Human Design chart, Gene Keys, astrological chart, personality type, and questionnaire analysis.
3x 150 €
450 €

Business Upgrade

(only 1 spot available)
Everything that is included in the standard immersion, plus a full brand audit (questionnaire analysis, trend and market audit, positioning analysis, touchpoint analysis - website, social media ...(max. 5 touchpoints), comms analysis) and a PDF report, and a 2-hour mythos-infused brand strategy workshop (valued at 1.500 €).
3x 300 €
900 €
FULL VALUE: 2.050 €

Frequently Asked Qs

What is the live call schedule?

1st session: March 9th
2nd session: March 16th
3rd session: March 23rd
4th session: March 30th
5th session: April 6th
6th session: April 13th

All calls begin at 18:00 CET (17:00 GMT, 12:00 ET, 9:00 PT)

Since the group will be small, we may end up changing the exact schedule slightly to accomodate as many of you as possible.

What if I won't be able to join the call?

You will get the recording in 12 hours of the call. It's best you watch it before the next session though.  

how much time should i put aside for the program?

The recordings will be there forever, so there is no pressure. But if you really wish to do deep work, account for 2-hour-long calls per week + an extra hour per week to do the extra assignments. Those of you who'll fall into the mythos rabbit hole may end up dedicating even more time.

I'm an introvert. How will it be taken care of me?

So am I! I know how it is to feel out of place and since social anxiety has been accompanying me for the majority of my life, I know how it is to wanna hide or even not attend calls. So rest assured: no need to attend live. No need to turn on the camera. No need to engage unless you want to. I am here if you need any reassurance or if you have additional requests that would make the experience even more comfortable for yourself and others.

I'm pretty advanced with my personal development. What can this give me?

Mythos-infused exploration of your personality,s oul, and purpose is a whole new like of work that I have been slowly bringing to life for years of exploring the a wide spectrum of fields that are usually not included in healing and personal development journeys. Mythical Self is a program that introduces completely new tools and approaches (some signature, others adapted) that will enrich your existing knowledge and deepen your explorations to a level you most likely haven't touched before.

what is the business upgrade AND HOW WILL IT WORK?

The business upgrade is an option because I fully believe that solopreneurs and soulpreneurs put a lot of themselves into their business. Exploring your mythical self is the perfect opportunity to see how all the new knowledge and insights relate to the work that you do. After the first 2 sessions of the program, we will meet for a strategy workshop and see how you can approach brand-building from a mythos-infused perspective, how you could make your work softer and more intuitive, and most importantly: more palyful and magical.

What benefits can I expect?

This is not therapy, healing, or a promise of enlightenment. But it is an opportunity to be reunited with your inner child, to nurture playfulness and imagination, to make creativity a habit, and to enrich your day-to-day life. It is a chance to understand your place in this world in an embodied, passion-fueled way aligned with your spirit. An opportunity to meet yourself in new dimensions, and cultivate a new degree of self-love.

What's up with the pricing?

I've opted for the sliding scale pricing of the Standard package to account to make the workshop more accessible. The lowest price point is dedicated to anybody in a disadvantaged position who wouldn't be able to attend otherwise (the unemployed, students, people of the Global South, and marginalized groups ...). The middle price point is the standard price, whereas the highest price point is meant for people who can afford the workshop for themselves and would like to pay it forward to somebody from the low price point category. If you can, I warmly encourage you to do so.

Nobody will be checking whether you truly fall into one category or another, I trust your sovereignty and integrity.

is this appropriate for maladaptive daydreamers?

If you are diagnosed or undiagnosed and assume you may be struggling with maladaptive daydreaming, especially if you're prone to depression or obsessive behavior, I advise you to consult with a psychiatric or therapeutic specialist before signing up.


I'll be 100% honest: I have never gotten feedback from a person with aphantasia and therefore I cannot promise the workshop is appropriate for you. About 1/4th of the immersion includes active mental visualization. If you wish to join, please get in touch and I'll create a custom alternative just for you.


You're free to exit the program at any time and request a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the program.
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The kind words
Meet the facilitator
Masha Mazi is a corpo-escapee who left giants like Porsche and United Nations to serve boutique values-led brands and heal her body, mind, and soul. She has served and co-created more than 70 projects and continues to help build purpose-led brands in the space of well-being, spirituality, and sustainability. As a 6/2 emotional manifestor, she is here to initiate your transformation. Most of her free time exploring the outdoors, reading about deep ecology, and cultivating a space for slow living and rewilding.

Join us for a warm gathering of earthlings and gentle souls who, just like yourself, wish to move through life more intentionally and consciously.

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Have a question? E-mail me at masha@storyalchemist.co

Masha Mazi started the personal project Story Alchemist to explore the intersection of spiritual ecology, soul searching, branding and business strategy, and rewilding. 
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