Consulting & mentorship session

60-minute consulting and mentoring on topics of:

  • business strategy
  • brand strategy
  • marketing strategy
  • marketing execution and brand activation
  • launching
  • positioning
  • product strategy
  • mindset
  • creativity

If this is your first consulting session with me or it's been more than 1 year since our last session, I will send you an in-depth questionnaire about your work after the payment is processed.

I combine contemporary knowledge and methods and some "feral" approaches that involve imagination, liminal exploration, pathworking, visualization, human design, gene keys, deep ecology and spiritual ecology, mysticism, and others. We'll establish how comfortable you are with those methods within the questionnaire.

180,00  (VAT included)

Masha Mazi started the personal project Story Alchemist to explore the intersection of spiritual ecology, soul searching, branding and business strategy, and rewilding. 
Ⓒ Story Alchemist, a project of Maša Mazi s. p.