Surrender Experiment

... is a suite of done-for-you offerings done in collaboration with top-tier experts. Entrust me with strategy and brand-building while bringing it all to life through stellar design, copy, websites, and brand assets. I collaborate with chosen talents who I am proud to call my friends. Together, we will pick the best match for you according to your niche, personality, style, and preferences.
Directory of Design Alchemists

Clarisse (Soulspell Studio)

Enchanted. Vintage. Magical. Precise. Luxury. 
Guerlain, Dior, Lancôme, Givenchy, Nina Ricci ...
Creatives, introverts
Clarisse merges aesthetics with meaning. She is a kindred soul, a design wizard, and a ShowIt magician pledged to ethical business practices. We both love archetypes, stories, textures, and chat frequently about artistry and utilizing our sensitivity and introversion in creative fields.
Brand narrative & creative direction + brand identity design
quotes starting at 6.000 eur
Feral strategy (brand + marketing) + brand identity design
quotes starting at 10.000 eur
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Masha Mazi started the personal project Story Alchemist to explore the intersection of spiritual ecology, soul searching, branding and business strategy, and rewilding. 
Ⓒ Story Alchemist, a project of Maša Mazi s. p.